A Mobile Pay-Per-Click Surveillance System so Advanced it Captures Your Competitor's Customers and Advertises Your Business to Them Wherever They Go!  

Here is How it Works! 

Your "Pin & Win" Ad Push The Details of Your Exclusive Ad Campaign 

How it Works: 

  • Target 5 locations of your choice. Via agreements with over 180,000 apps on the Android and Apple platforms, we capture the unique Advertising ID of the user's device. (Every phone has this.) 
  • We "PIN" the phone, and immediately begin targeting the user with your banner ads. Once the target device is pinned, ads show whether they are inside the targeted zone or not. 
  • Your banner ads follow then wherever they go. Not just on their phone, but also on their home or work computer, and even their tablet.
  • Your targets are EXCLUSIVE to you. No other business can target the locations you choose as long as you have them. But if another business targets you then you can not use this technology.
  • This is the most highly targeted ad campaign you could ever run. You are advertising to people already interested in your services, as they are targeted while visiting your competitor, seeking to buy the same service or product you provide - who could be a better target than that? 

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Who is it For? What Businesses Can Use This Technology? 

3 Ways This Marketing Service Can be Used by a Business:  

1. Competition: Target your competitors location(s) 2. Event Driven: Target where prospective clients visit before needing services. 3. Demographic/Geographic: Target where your prospective clients may visit.

GeoConquestROI can be used by every business to not only take customers away from their competitors, but to target new customers as well.

Restaurants can target competing restaurants with a coupon to bring their customers through your door.

Used or new car dealers can target competing dealer's car lots, new or used.

Casinos target competing casinos with a special offer. One casino using this technology brought in 3,000 new customers.

PI or accident Attorneys - where do your clients end up first after any accident? A Hospital, Clinic or Emergency room. Target those and be the first PI Attorney to be in touch with them, their family and loved ones - their influencers - who are typically in the emergency room or hospital with them after an accident. 

Perfect For These Types Of Businesses!

Business Type Target Customer Business Type Target Customer
4 X 4 Shops Competitors HVAC / Plumbing / Electrican / Locksmith Housing Communities
Apparel Stores (Sports, Fashion, Speciality) Competitors Hair Salons Competitors
Appliance Store Competitors Hardware / Paint / Tile Stores Competitors
Atheltic Shoe Stores Competitors Health & Nutrition Stores Big Box Competitors
Auto Detailing / Car Washes Competitors Hotels / Motels / BnB Competitors
Auto Parts Stores Competitors Ice Cream / Yogurt / Cupcake Shops Competitors
Auto Repair Competitors Insurance Agents Car Lots & Model Homes
Banks Competitors Jewelers Competitors
Barbershops Competitors Lasik Surgeons Optometrists & Big Box Eyeglass Outlets
Bars / Night Clubs Competitors Lighting Stores Big Box Chain Competitors
Bedding Stores Competitors Limousine Services Bridal & Tux Shops
Beer / Liquor / Wine Stores Competitors Movers U-haul Rentals, Apartment Complexes, Housing Communities, Storage Facilities, Colleges & Universities
Bicycle & Bicycle Repair Shops Competitors Movie Theaters Competitors
Boating Stores Competitors Museums Other Attractions
Book Stores Competitors Nail Salons Competitors
Boutiques Competitors Naturopathic Doctors Competitors & Health Food Stores
Car - Truck Dealerships Competitors Optometrists Competitors
Car Rental Competitors & Airports Orthodontists Competitors & General Dentists
Casinos Competitors Personal Injury Attorney Emergency Rooms & Hospitals
Child Dentists Competitors & General Dentists Pet Boarding Pet Stores & Veterinarians
Chiropractors Competitors, Pain Clinics & Physical Therapists Pet Groomers Pet Stores & Veterinarians
Coffee Shops / Donut Shops / Cafes / Diners Competitors Real Estate Agents Model Homes
Cosmetic Surgeons Competitors & Weight Loss Clinics Restaurants Competitors or Similarly Priced, Colleges, Universities, Apartment Complexes
Dentists Competitors Shoe Stores (Boots, Sports, Fashion) Competitors
Doctors Competitors Specialty Grocery Stores Chain Grocery Stores
Dry Cleaners Competitors Theaters / Opera Houses Competitors
Entertainment Venues Competitors Veterinarians Pet Stores & Kennels
Fitness / Gym / Workout Centers Competitors Wealth Planners Performing Arts, Country Clubs, etc.
Furniture Stores Competitors Weight Loss Clinics Competitors
Furniture Rentals Competitors Yoga Studios Competitors

Watch These Videos for Some Examples

Case Studies

Are You Ready to Implement and Deploy the Most Lethal Mobile Advertising Campaign Ever?

Here is What is Included in Your Advertising Package!

  • Set of 3 professionally designed, animated banners for your advertising campaign.
  • Professionally designed, mobile responsive landing page for your offer. This will be the page where people who click on your ad will be directed - the page where your offer will be displayed along with a professional review commercial or company video we produce.
  • Your choice of 5 Targets that are EXCLUSIVELY yours. Additional targets available for additional fee.
  • Contextual data from 15 different locations for an even wider targeted audience. 
  • Your highest and best prospects are targeted through over 180,000 popular apps they already have on their phone. 
  • Your ad will then be displayed wherever they go, with your ad showing on millions of websites, some of which they visit. CNN, FOX, WebMD, Facebook, to name a few.  
  • Your ad will be shown on all their devices, not just their phone. We follow them to their desktop at home or work, in addition to tracking them to their tablet. 

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